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What is the Haitian Creole word for Lima Beans, peas, Kidney beans, Pinto beans

Does anyone know the Haitian Creole translation for the different beans out there? What is Lima Beans in Creole? Chic peas, Kidney beans, Pinto beans, what are their names in creole. At the same... more »

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BelPawol Haiti Chat Room

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RE: Haiti Education Nationale

Informations sur l'education dans les communes du department de l'Artibonite. Telles: Gros Morne, Plaine de l'arbre: -Frequentation scolaire (primaire et secondaire -Pourcentage qui complete son... more »

RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand

Please could you help me to find out about my real life. Because I never know my family, but all I know is this Pastor Jacques and Gladys Fourcand was all I have even know about. But this leave they... more »

RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand

Your parents were lecturers (teachers) at Lifeline International School of Ministry in Los Angeles, California when I attended there back in 1983 and I have always wondered how they were doing. They... more »

RE: Pastor Jacques G. Fourcand - WHERE IS HE?

Hi, My name is Daniel Pierre, Was living in Haiti. But now I am in the Dominican Republic, trying to living a better life, but I am living a life with sadness and sorrow that I can not let go... more »

RE: PNH - Police Nationale d'Haiti Is Hiring

for the goodness of Haiti and the People of my country I would like to give my participation on rebuild the country by cam back to Haiti and work like every ones else who love that I love my country... more »

Can the US government implement a coherent strategy for both aid and supporting business growth in Haiti?

Captions read: where has all the money gone? Though the international community seems surprised, Haitians are not. From the beginning, Haiti and its Diaspora from all cross-sectors of the economic... more »

RE: Haitians, heir of the Hebrew/Israelites priesthood..

This is a naively erroneous understanding of history and the origin and ethnicity of biblical-era Israelites. I have made a thorough, compelling study of the matter with the findings remaining... more »